Welcome to Awesome Interior Design.  This a site offering free room designs and ideas, as well as a few design tips.  I am new to blogging but not new to Interior Design.  I have a bachelor’s degree in Interior Design and have worked in the field for over a decade.  In my design process I usually put together a mood board with images of suggested items for my clients.  This helps my clients envision the final look.  This is a common concern of my clients.  They are always saying “I just can’t picture how it will all come together.” 

Several clients and friends have suggested I share my room ideas online.  This is really more of a sharing of design concepts than a blog.  After all, I’m not a writer, I’m an Interior Designer.     In the past I have worked for firms with a very up market clientele.  Meaning… million dollar plus vacation homes with out of this world budgets.  Now, having gone out on my own, most of my clients are like my friends and myself.  We don’t have a lot of extra money to spend on our homes, yet want them to look awesome.  Everyone has a different budget.  To make it easy I will often post a room total and link to an Amazon store.  This will enable my friends, clients, and followers to purchase an entire room or a few pieces they like with ease and a competitive price. 

A problem I often encounter is that many local stores can’t afford to stock every option and usually have a small showroom.  I understand that it would be costly to fill it, but this also means that my clients turn to online resources, despite their desire to see items in person before purchasing.  As a designer, I would prefer to look, touch, and feel every selection I make for my clients, but let’s face it; this is not the market we live in these days.  When possible, shopping locally is always my first choice.  If you can find inspiration from these room ideas and fulfill the look locally that’s great! If not, most of the items I include are available online. 

I hope you enjoy my designs, my design tips, and my easy shop.  If you wish to share before and after photos of ideas and designs you have found useful please contact me.  My readers and I will love to see it all come together!